Argumenta – Journal of Analytic Philosophy

Conditionals and Probability


Guest Editor:

Alberto Mura (University of Sassari)


Invited Contributors:

Jean Baratgin (Université de Vincennes – Paris 8)

Richard Bradley (London School of Economics, London)

Kai von Fintel (MIT) and Thony Gillies (Rutgers)

Giuseppe Sanfilippo (University of Palermo) and Angelo Gilio (Sapienza University of Rome)

Moritz Schulz (Universität Hamburg)

Elena Nulvesu (University of Sassari)

Jan Sprenger (University of Torino)


Deadline for submission: September 30th, 2020

Notification of acceptance: November 30th, 2020


Description: The problem of the nature of conditional statements has nagged away at philosophers since ancient times. It is central not only to the philosophy of language but also to the philosophy of science, psychology, logic and AI. The relationship between probabilities and conditionals is of particular interest. This special issue is devoted to this theme. It aims at dissecting the relationships between conditionals and probability according to the different points of view.