Argumenta – Journal of Analytic Philosophy

Journal Policy


Double blind peer review

Upon submission, all manuscripts are checked by the journal office staff to confirm that they conform to the submission requirements, especially those pertaining to author anonymity. At this point, manuscripts may be returned to the author for the required changes. Properly anonymized initial submissions are then passed on to the Editor, who carries out a first screening. Some submissions may be rejected without comments at this point.

Original Articles: Manuscripts that pass the Editor’s initial screening are sent for a second screening, this time by an Associate Editor who handles the subject area of the manuscript. Some additional papers may be rejected without comments at that point. Manuscripts that pass the second internal screening are sent for double-blind review to two outside reviewers. Submissions that receive two “reject” recommendations by the outside reviewers are rejected as a matter of policy; in such cases, the Associate Editor handling the submission has no discretion. For submissions receiving any other combination of reviewer recommendations, the Associate Editor decides whether the manuscript should be accepted or rejected or whether it should continue in the review process. Once the Associate Editor handling a submission decides that it is in good shape and has received adequate support from outside reviewers, the manuscript moves to the last stage of the review process, a final decision by the editorial team. All referees’ comments will be sent to authors, unless given as confidential advice for the editors. Editorial decisions are made with reference to the advice received from referees; however the editorial team should not be taken to endorse the content of referees’ reports, and reserve the right to give a different verdict from that recommended by the referees (unless they were both rejections). All editorial decisions are final, and no dialogue will be entered into regarding editorial decisions.

General call for papers

The Editorial Board of Argumenta invites scholars in the disciplines listed below to submit a paper, according to the rules of the Journal listed in this page. In order to submit a paper, please click on the “Submit your paper” button on the Home page of the journal. Papers will be double-blind refereed and, if accepted, published in the first available issue. Here is the list of disciplines within which the journal will consider submissions:

History of Analytic Philosophy
Philosophical Logic
Philosophy of Action
Philosophy of Language
Philosophy of Law
Philosophy of Mathematics
Philosophy of Mind
Political Philosophy

Special call for papers

Periodically, the Editorial Board of Argumenta invites scholars in analytic philosophy to submit a paper on a particular theme for a proposed special issue of the journal. The submission procedure will be explained in each particular call. All papers will be double-blind refereed.

Call for guest editorships of special issues

The Editorial Board of Argumenta invites scholars in analytic philosophy to submit projects for special issues, for which they would act as guest editors. The project should consist of a title, an introduction to the chosen theme, a statement of the aims of the project, an explanation of how it is meant to improve the current discussion on the theme, and a proposed list of invited contributors. Ideally, a special issue would consist in a mix of invited papers and papers submitted in answer to a call (see above). All papers for a special issue, whether invited or submitted in answer to a call, will be double-blind refereed. Proposals for guest editorships should be sent to the Editor of Argumenta, using the following address: dellutri at uniss dot it.