Argumenta – Journal of Analytic Philosophy

Gary Ebbs


Gary Ebbs is an American philosopher. His researh focuses in describing the methodology of rational inquiry from an engaged, practical point of view. In his studies he proposed new accounts of truth, logical truth, rule-following, semantic anti-individualism, and self-knowledge, as well as new interpretations of influential writings on these topics, including writings by Rudolf Carnap, W. V. Quine, Hilary Putnam, Donald Davidson, and Ludwig Wittgenstein. Publications include numerous articles in these areas and three books: Rule-Following and Realism (1997), Truth and Words (2009), and (with Anthony Brueckner) Debating Self-Knowledge (2012).  He is currently working on a book about Carnap and Quine, as well as on papers about contextually a priori entitlements, Putnam’s argument that we are not always brains in vats, first-order logical truth, and the Lowenheim-Hilbert-Bernays Theorem.


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