Argumenta – Journal of Analytic Philosophy

Juha Räikkä


Juha Räikkä is a professor of philosophy at the University of Turku, Finland. Räikkä’s research interests focus on ethics and political philosophy. He has published papers on issues such as global justice, population ethics, group rights, privacy, autonomy, guilt, forgiveness, self-deception, compromise, concept of feasibility, conspiracy theory, and trust. Räikkä’s publications include a book titled Social Justice in Practice (Springer 2014). He has published in journals such as The Monist, Australasian Journal of Philosophy, The Journal of Political Philosophy, Synthese, Utilitas, Res Publica, Metaphilosophy, Theoria, Ratio, Philosophia, Argumentation, The Journal of Value Inquiry, Rechtstheorie, and the Journal of Social Philosophy.