Argumenta – Journal of Analytic Philosophy

Mario De Caro


Mario De Caro is Professor of Moral Philosophy at Università Roma Tre; since 2000 he has also been teaching at Tufts University, where is regularly a Visiting Professor. He was a Visiting Scholar at MIT, a Fulbright Fellow at Harvard University, and the President of the Italian Society of Analytic Philosophy. Now is the vice-President of the National Council for Philosophy, an  Associate editor of the Journal of the American Philosophical Association (Cambridge UP), and Hilary Putnam’s literary executor. He is the author of five books in Italian and two forthcoming books in English, Liberal Naturalism (Harvard UP, with D. Macarthur) and Hilary Putnam (Polity Press with M. Baghramian). He has edited or coedited Interpretations and Causes (Kluwer 1999), Naturalism in Question (Harvard UP 2004), Naturalism and Normativity (Columbia UP 2010), Practical Wisdom (Routledge 2021), the Routledge Handbook of Liberal Naturalism (Routledge 2022), and three volumes of Hilary Putnam’s papers (all with Harvard UP).