Argumenta – Journal of Analytic Philosophy

Argumenta Issue 10

Including the Special Issue on Metaphysics at the Table
May 2020 • 8 articles



The current issue of Argumenta opens with a Special Issue devoted to a topic that has been gaining an increasing appeal within the philosophical and non-philosophical audience—the philosophy of food. The Special Issue is entitled Metaphysics at the Table and is edited by three scholars who have in the recent past contributed in many ways to the analysis of the topic—Andrea Borghini, Donatella Donati and Nicola Piras.

As the three guest editors explain in the Introduction, philosophers have been approaching the subject of food from several disciplinary points of views—ethics, bioethics, political philosophy, epistemology, and aesthetics—but no collections of papers has been devoted so far to the investigation of food and its consumption from the perspective of analytic metaphysics. The Special Issue the reader will find in the following pages represents an important contribution to remedy this.

Together with the Special Issue comes an article by Brentyn J. Ramm entitled Experiments in Visual Perspective: Size Experience. Ramm’s is a brilliant attempt to shed light on the long-standing debate between objectivist and subjectivists accounts of visual experiences. One of the merits of his article is that of discussing the question in light of a series of first-person experiments aimed at investigating size experience.

Finally, the section of Book Reviews rounds off the number. In this section, readers will find a careful assessment of three very interesting recent books— Political Self-Deception by Anna Elisabetta Galeotti, Remembering from the Outside: Personal Memory and the Perspectival Mind by Christopher J. McCarroll, and The Phenomenal Basis of Intentionality by Angela Mendelovici.

In publishing this second issue of the fifth volume, it is my pleasure to thank the colleagues who have acted as external referees, the Assistant Editors, and the Editor of the Book Reviews.

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