Argumenta – Journal of Analytic Philosophy

Argumenta Issue 11

Including the Special Issue on Fiction and Imagination: Counterfactual Reasoning, Scientific Models, Thought Experiments
November 2020 • 10 articles



Imagination and fiction play so pivotal a role both in our lives and in philosophy that it hardly needs stressing. For one thing, if we had a limited imagination, we would lead impoverished ethical lives. For another, if we were unable to respond to fiction, our lives would soon prove unbearable.

No wonder, therefore, that fiction and imagination have held the interest of philosophy down the centuries, receiving particular attention in recent decades. The Special Issue that opens the present number of Argumenta, entitled Fiction and Imagination: Counterfactual Reasoning, Scientific Models, Thought Experiments and edited by Carola Barbero, Matteo Plebani and Alberto Voltolini, represents an up-to-date discussion of the most pressing aspects of both themes, and finds in fiction and imagination the thread that binds different phenomena such as counterfactuals, thought experiments, and scientific models.

The present number is then topped off by the section of Book Reviews. In this section, readers will find careful assessments of three very interesting recent books—Divine Omniscience and Human Free Will: A Logical and Metaphysical Analysis by Ciro De Florio and Aldo Frigerio, Musical Ontology: A Guide for the Perplexed by Lisa Giombini, and Just Words: On Speech and Hidden Harm by Mary Kate McGowan.

Finally, I would like to thank all the colleagues who have acted as external referees, the Assistant Editors, the Editor of the Book Reviews, and the members of the Editorial Board. All of them have been very generous with their advice and suggestions.

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