Argumenta – Journal of Analytic Philosophy

Argumenta Issue 14

Including the Special Issue on The Source of Modality
May 2022 • 17 articles



As Giacomo Giannini and Joaquim Giannotti claim in the Introduction to the Special Issue on The Source of Modality that they have edited, we usually care deeply about modal phenomena, which is to say phenomena regarding what is possible or necessary. Is life on Mars possible? Is it necessary to regularly hand over small amounts of money to charity? Can I be a better person? Or must I?

Given the centrality of modal phenomena in our lives, it is not surprising that they are pervasive in philosophical inquiry too. Among the many questions that philosophers of all persuasions have asked about modality, that concerning what makes a possibility a possibility and a necessity a necessity is particularly intriguing. It is, in other words, the question of the source of modality.

In this direction, the articles collected in the Special Issue illustrate recent and promising developments in the metaphysics of modality—premise and promise for a decisive step forward in the discussion on this vital topic.

The present number also includes three articles that have already appeared in ‘early view’ (by Alessandra Buccella, Brian Garrett, and Elvira Di Bona), and that have already made and will continue to make significant contributions to discussion in their respective fields.

The number is then topped off by the section of Book Reviews. We are proud to offer readers three new thoughtful reviews of as many interesting books.

Finally, I would like to thank all the colleagues who have acted as external referees, the members of the Editorial Board, the Editors of the Special Issue, the Editor of the Book Reviews, and the Assistant Editors. All of them have been very generous with their work, advice, and suggestions. In particular, the team of Assistant Editors has grown by two important components in recent months: two valuable additions whose contribution has already been greatly felt. I warmly greet them as a sign of the journal’s vitality.

As usual, the articles appearing in Argumenta are freely accessible and freely downloadable, therefore it only remains to wish you:

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Massimo Dell’Utri