Argumenta – Journal of Analytic Philosophy

Argumenta Issue 15

Including the Special Issue on Contexts
November 2022 • 13 articles



While we might easily understand that the word “context” can be said in many ways, it is much more difficult to discern which of these many ways are appropriate. In the Introduction to the Special Issue entitled Contexts, Diana Mazzarella, Antonio Negro, and Carlo Penco come to our aid. Indeed, under the witty title “Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Context (But Were Afraid to Ask)”—calling to mind Woody Allen’s acumen—they provide a broad and accurate overview of the multiple areas of study in which the notion of context is crucial.

Above all, the eight essays that make up the Special Issue present clear and innovative ways of addressing the notion of context in some of the areas outlined in the Introduction, thus demonstrating how vital and valuable this notion can be for philosophical analysis.

The present number also includes three articles that have already appeared in ‘early view’ (by Alberto Barbieri, Costanza Larese, and Daniel Rönnedal), and that have already made and will continue to make significant contributions to discussion in their respective fields.

The number is then rounded off by the section of Book Reviews. We are proud to offer readers three new thoughtful reviews of as many interesting books.

Finally, I would like to thank all the colleagues who have acted as external referees, the members of the Editorial Board, the Editors of the Special Issue, the Editors of the Book Reviews, and the Assistant Editors. All of them have been very generous with their work, advice, and suggestions. In particular, the team of assistant editors proved to be super helpful and tireless as always. I thank them from the bottom of my heart because they, above all, embody the vitality of the journal.

As usual, the articles appearing in Argumenta are freely accessible and freely downloadable, therefore it only remains to wish you:

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Massimo Dell’Utri