Argumenta – Journal of Analytic Philosophy

Argumenta Issue 09

Including the Special Issue on Persons, Reasons, and What Matters: The Philosophy of Derek Parfit
November 2019 • 11 articles



This issue of Argumenta opens with a Special Issue devoted to Derek Parfit, one of the most distinguished philosophers of our time, whose depth and imaginative power have attracted many readers worldwide, fostering a philosophical discussion that has few equals. It is entitled Persons, Reasons, and What Matters: The Philosophy of Derek Parfit and is edited by Fabio Patrone.

Personal identity, death, the concept of the self, the tenability of psychological reductionism, existence and persistence, continuity and connectedness, are among the topics that the articles in the Special Issue deal with, in the effort to evaluate critically Parfit’s far-reaching contributions to philosophy.

Finally, the section of Book Reviews rounds off the number. In this section, readers will find a careful assessment of three very interesting recent books—The Meaning of Belief: Religion from an Atheist’s Point of View by Tim Crane, Metaphysics: An Introduction to Contemporary Debates and Their History by Anna Marmodoro and Erasmus Mayr, and Emotion, Imagination, and the Limits of Reason by Talia Morag.

A quite outstanding aspect of the current issue is that it welcomes a new Editorial Board, consisting of prominent philosophers working in renowned universities across five continents. I deem this an invaluable addition for an ever more productive future of Argumenta, and would like to thank the colleagues who have enthusiastically joined the Board.

Finally, I would like to thank all the colleagues who have acted as external referees, the Assistant Editors, and the Editor of the Book Reviews.

All the articles appearing in Argumenta are freely accessible and freely downloadable, therefore it only remains to wish you:

                  Buona lettura!

Massimo Dell’Utri