Argumenta – Journal of Analytic Philosophy

Epistemological Issues in the Manifest and the Scientific Images: An Introduction [Special Issue]

Topics: Epistemology, Introduction, Metaphysics, Philosophy of mind, Philosophy of science, Theoretical philosophy


The national PRIN 2017 project “The Manifest Image and the Scientific Image” of the Universities of Macerata, Florence, Rome 3 and Urbino (prot. 2017ZNWW7F_004) was launched in December 2019 to investigate a serious problem in our understanding of the discoveries of contemporary science, extremely deep and rich in momentous practical consequences, but often also very surprising and even paradoxical vis a vis our everyday experience of the world. This puzzle, already addressed by Eddington (1928), Husserl (1936) and Sellars (1962), was described by the latter as a clash between the “scientific image” and the “manifest image” emerging from…


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