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XI National Conference of SIFA – Philosophy, Analysis and Public Engagement

August 1, 2014

University of L’Aquila, 3-5 September 2014 The main purpose of the eleventh International Conference of the Italian Society for Analytic Philosophy (SIFA) is to show that philosophy can provide the conceptual tools to answer public and social challenges. Along with this main goal, there will be space for papers in any area of analytic philosophy. […]

Eighth European Congress of Analytic Philosophy, Bucharest, 28 Aug – 2 Sep 2014

March 4, 2014

ECAP congresses are organized every three years by the European Society for Analytic Philosophy, ESAP. The aim of the congresses is to establish contacts and encourage collaboration among European analytic philosophers. The previous conferences took place in 1993 (ECAP1 in Aix en Provence), 1996 (ECAP2 in Leeds), 1999 (ECAP3 in Maribor), 2002 (ECAP4 in Lund), […]